Why Getting A Pet Dog Will Help Improve Your Fitness Levels

Why Getting A Pet Dog Will Help Improve Your Fitness Levels

In the UK, more than 3 out of every 5 adults are considered overweight. As this number continues to rise, society faces a crisis in regards to living healthy. While fad diets and miracle weight loss cures get all the press, few remember that one of the best ways to help improve fitness levels can be found with man’s best friend. Let’s take a moment to review how a pet dog can make you happier and healthier in the months and years to come.


If nothing else, getting a pet dog will help improve your fitness levels through the added exercise. Whether it is carrying around their food, or going on walks, owning a dog means moving more. Dog walks are a great way to get some exercise once or twice a day. In addition, a dog can be the perfect exercise companion, joining you for longer day hikes in the country. They can also come with you over holiday, providing more opportunities to do activities outdoors where the two of you will benefit.


One of the most important things a pet dog will do to help improve your fitness level is create a schedule. Dogs love schedules. Walking a dog once in the morning and once at night can create excellent opportunities to go outside, get exercise, and be healthy. In addition, dogs will begin to expect walks at this time, helping to get you off the couch and into the outdoors.

In addition to being a scheduled activity, you can begin to schedule other things around it, like other exercise routines, meals, and everything else. Providing the means to start a healthy schedule for yourself, a pet dog can be just what you need to stick with it.


A pet does helps to improve your fitness levels by being an excellent source of motivation. Many people find it easier to do things for others than to do it for themselves. A dog becomes your excuse to go outside and be healthy, as you are ultimately helping them meet their needs. In addition, exercising the dog means that you will have to get some exercise yourself. If you are doing even small amount of exercise daily, then you will be amazed at the results.

Another consideration is how annoying dogs can be if they expect something. So, even if you may not want to go for a walk, your dog will keep annoying you until you finally relent, getting the exercise you need even if you aren’t up for it. No matter what way you look at it, dogs are a great source of motivation.

More Time Outdoors

Having a pet dog will mean spending more time outdoors and less time in the house. Every time you go out with your dog, you are burning calories and staying fit. Remember, you are not limited to just walking with your dog. You can run and even have your pet run beside you off leash as you ride your mountain bike uphill.

This daily exercise may not be much in terms of weight loss, but it is crucial for being healthy now and into the future. It helps to get up your heart rate every day, working out your internal organs as well as your muscles and stopping a range of diseases in their place. From Diabetes to blood clots, spending more time outdoors will keep you healthier and more able to engage in the activities that interest you when they come around.


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