What kind of gardens are best for dogs?

What kind of gardens are best for dogsAre you a dog lover and a garden lover at the same time? If you are, then you are not alone. There are many dog owners who simply love to garden. But having a garden and a dog at the same time can sometimes be a problem. Dogs by nature love to dig and if you are not careful, they can destroy your garden and all your hard work in a matter of seconds. Today we are going to learn how to have a dog-friendly garden that both you and your pet can enjoy.

Five Garden Ideas That Are Friendly for Your Dog

1. Give your dog their own space

Build some space in your garden that you will allow your dog to run around in. This will make them feel like part of the gardening fun and keep them out of your plants at the same time. To achieve this goal, put a fence around a small space in your garden and make sure to place plenty of toys inside.

2. Plant dog-friendly plants

A great way to keep your dog safe from accidental poisoning is to replace dangerous plants and replace them with ones that are not toxic to dogs. Mowing your lawn kind of also falls into this category because there are just some dogs who love to chew grass! If you don’t own a lawn mower yet, research on the top 10 zero turn mowers to see which one is best for your lawn.

3. Provide plenty of shade

Dogs simply love to lay around in cool areas of the yard. So why not create an area of the garden where you and your pet can take a rest from the hot sun? You can even add a swing to give you a nice place to rest your feet.

4. Only use organic pesticides

If you have a pest problem in the garden like many people do, treat them with organic pesticides. Unlike traditional pesticides that can be harmful to your pet, organic pesticides are made from plant-based materials. This will help protect your animals and your garden at the same time.

5. Use pet repellant plants to discourage digging

Plants such as Coleus Canina will ward off dogs and keep them from digging up the rest of your garden. Plant these dog repellent plants around the borders of your garden to ensure the safety of the rest of your plants.

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