What Is A Dog’s Favourite Music Genre?

What Is A Dog’s Favourite Music GenreDo dogs like music? Can dogs have a favourite style of music? Let’s take a moment to answer this question by considering whether or not dogs can sense music in the first place, and then go into results from several experiments conducted to answer this question.


Can Dogs Sense Music?

The first question any reasonable person would ask is whether or not dogs can even tell that music is different then say speaking, or periods of quiet. As can be seen with wolves and packs of canines, dogs do have a sense of pitch. For example, if they begin to howl, and other dogs join in, the lead dog will change its pitch as not to harmonize with any other dog. Dogs have a natural tendency not to harmonize, stressing different tones over any kind of uniformity. With this fact in mind, it may be obvious then that dogs like dis-harmonic music. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


What Is A Dog’s Favourite music genre?

Experiments have been done to see what music dogs like and dislike. As telling joy, euphoria, or preference with dogs can be very hard, different music was played to see what reactions would be created. In addition, talking and a track of silence were included to act as a control group. As a final note, the same song was played in different styles of music to ensure that the style, and not the song itself, was the cause.

The findings were quite astonishing. As it turned out, a dog’s favourite music turned out to be classical music. When classical music was being played, the dogs calmed down, and even went to sleep. When people were talking or nothing was played at all, there was no noticeable behavior. When rock music and other forms of music were played, the dogs became agitated and began barking. Numerous subsequent experiments were run and the same results were seen again and again.


Why Do Dogs Prefer Classical Music?

More than just dogs prefer classical music. Many different higher order animals have shown a clear preference for classical over other forms of music. Whether it is because classical music has a calming affect or simply because it represents a harmonious style of music is not known. For now, if you are looking to calm your bulldog, better think to put on Mozart instead of Metallica. If you’re after the best listening experience, consider purchasing DJ speakers for your home. This will not only benefit your pet but you as well.

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