Irish Setter The Most Preferred Breed

Irish Setter is one attractive dog breed that comes with a dark red coat, silky hair and well-heeled. The characteristics of Irish Setter is full of enthusiasm, hunting and fun loving. Irish Setter is a combination of best breeds’ attributes. The best breeds like English Setter, Irish Terrier, water spaniel and Pointer have come together to make this wonderful breed. The red and white came together to make the deep red breed. The Setter has a two layered straight coat that lies close to the body complemented with long ears, legs, tail, chest, and belly. The breed is tall and is long at its tail. The neck is long, and the body is perfect in position.

The Setter is energetic and is athletic in nature. The breed needs regular exercise to keep them fit. Allow them to run around the park. These are friendly breed and are safe with kids, other animals, and strangers. This breed is not a loner and strives for attention. They love to be with humans. Irish Setters are intelligent breed and need to be tasked so that they are not ideal. The breed gets into trouble if left without any task trying to engage itself in other work. Irish Setter is an affable breed that well behaves. It is not aggressive or shy.

Grooming is a major task for Irish setter. These breeds need to be brushed especially during winter as their undercoat is thick. Even though the dog is at its best, it is not groomed regularly. Just a trimming will do. The dog needs good exercise, at least, half an hour a day. This breed has to be taken care of during winters as they cannot bear extreme conditions. Irish Setter is a hunting breed in Ireland and has great talent and extreme hunting skills. They have strong olfactory sense. They have become the most popular breeds since the 1970s.

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