How to Keep Up With Your Dog When Taking It For A Walk

How to Keep Up With Your Dog When Taking It For A WalkAll dogs, regardless of their breed or size, need a daily walk to get it moving. Taking the dog for a walk is an important practice in keeping it stable mentally and physically. Remember a dog as an animal is a traveler by instinct; hence, by keeping up with that ritual does them more good than harm.

Mastering how to keep pace with your dog when taking it for a walk is important; it helps in instilling confidence, submissiveness, and discipline. When taking the walk on a skating board, ensure that the dog sees you as the pack leader.

Before you begin taking the dog on skating walks, make sure you teach him how to ride a motorized skateboard. Some will either love or hate the skateboard. If you own a Jack Russell or a Bulldog, catching the steps is easy since they are natural skaters. Begin by luring the dog onto the skateboard and allow them to get used before you start taking walks.

Reinforcement is necessary. Make sure it climbs on the skater and use cue words for it to learn as many things as possible. You must remain consistent since the signals you use will determine if you will have an easy time walking the dog for exercise.

Always stay in front of the dog and use a leash

Walking in front of the dog allows you to set the pack leader. As the owner, always be the first to skate in and out of the door. The dog should walk behind or beside you during the ride; this means a lot in its mind. When people allow the dog to walk in front, they are telling him that he is the leader. You can gain more control over the dog by attaching a leash to the top of the neck. It helps in communication, guiding, and correcting the pet.

The way you leave your house is important in setting the pace for the rest of the walk. If you put the leash and leave when the dog is excited and leading you, then he will be too excited all through, and you might be unable to exercise full control and make him allow you to walk behind and besides you.

If the excitement continues, make the dog sit down and wait until he is calm before you restart the ride.

Don’t call the dog when you begin walking again; just walk and it should instinctually follow you. He must learn that he is following you and tune into you as the person leading the pace. If you praise him too much for walking calmly, it will only create more excitement to make him submit will be a tough call.

With adequate exercise and by making the activity look fun, the skateboarding activities should be easy. Whatever you do, make sure the dog understands that it cannot walk in front of you, no matter how fast the dog may be at skating.

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