Are Massage Chairs Suitable For Pets?

Are Massage Chairs Suitable For PetsThere are a many benefits of doing massage exercises on your pet. For example, massages improve the muscle tone of your dog, reduce anxiety and stress while also promoting the longevity of its bones and joints. However, there are extreme cases where pet owners go to the extent of purchasing the best value massage chair to give massages to their beloved pets, which is not a good way to handle your pet in the first place.

Why Aren’t Massage Chairs Good for Pets?

To begin with, a massage chair will not aid in healing pets recovering from injuries. While message chair may have some degree of control, it has no human touch the injured part that needs much attention and careful handling. This may aggravate the pain already being felt by the pet in the long run.

Secondly, a massage chair cannot access vital body parts on the pet. Massages, especially when done by a therapist, helps in promoting spinal alignment, ease motion in the paws and joints and increase the muscle tone. The pet may seem to be enjoying that massage on a chair, but finally, the chair will not access the joints, where arthritis is most likely to manifest itself.

Thirdly, a massage chair lacks that emotional connection with the pet. Undoubtedly, pets love the human touch, since it relieves stress and lowers the anxiety levels in pets. A chair will not ease emotional trauma in a pet.

Last but not least, some pets are small, for example, cats, guinea pigs or even birds. A massage chair is not the right machine to give small bodied pets massages. They even get scared and get of the seat, when the vibration starts.


To sum it up, a massage chair is not the perfect option for giving a pet massage. Remember that aging pets are most likely to get less active and putting them on such chairs may make certain conditions, such as soreness and arthritis, more severe and you may end up paying more for veterinarian care.

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