Are Irish Setters Ideal For Your Environment

Irish Setter is attractive dogs that are large and strong. This breed has a shiny, long fur that comes with a chestnut shade. It is a head turner. Irish setter is not just a good looking land but also friendly dogs that have a loving temperament. A hunting dog these are examples of energy and have a good sense of smell. They are suitable for hunting environment. This makes them perfect friends for life. Happy companions and friendly to children and other pets these are welcome members of the family. Their affection sees no boundaries as they come rushing to you when you reach home.

Irish Setters can be dangerous while off leash, therefore, ensure they are properly trained. Get them basic training commands at a young age so that they can heed to your commands. Be authoritative so that they can be controlled easily. Those are hunting dogs they cannot be a great guard dog. There are other roles that these breeds are experts. Irish Setters are used as therapy dogs and come with various settings like hospitals, schools and retirement homes. They easily relax when patted. Just maintain them with some grooming and they are sure to look prim and prom.

Though Irish setters have long locks, it is easier to groom them. The silky mane has to be regularly brushed. It is easy to maintain so no worries. But be cautious while letting them run outdoors. The biggest problem Irish setter’s face is burrs. It becomes tough to clean them. Before adopting an Irish Setter, it is important to find out if the breed will suit your terrain. They need plenty of space to work around. This breed is not suitable for apartments and needs lot of working space. Take them out for a walk to the park or beach and they will love it.

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