Why Getting A Pet Dog Will Help Improve Your Fitness Levels

Why Getting A Pet Dog Will Help Improve Your Fitness Levels

In the UK, more than 3 out of every 5 adults are considered overweight. As this number continues to rise, society faces a crisis in regards to living healthy. While fad diets and miracle weight loss cures get all the press, few remember that one of the best ways to help improve fitness levels can be found with man’s best friend. Let’s take a moment to review how a pet dog can make you happier and healthier in the months and years to come.


If nothing else, getting a pet dog will help improve your fitness levels through the added exercise. Whether it is carrying around their food, or going on walks, owning a dog means moving more. Dog walks are a great way to get some exercise once or twice a day. In addition, a dog can be the perfect exercise companion, joining you for longer day hikes in the country. They can also come with you over holiday, providing more opportunities to do activities outdoors where the two of you will benefit.


One of the most important things a pet dog will do to help improve your fitness level is create a schedule. Dogs love schedules. Walking a dog once in the morning and once at night can create excellent opportunities to go outside, get exercise, and be healthy. In addition, dogs will begin to expect walks at this time, helping to get you off the couch and into the outdoors.

In addition to being a scheduled activity, you can begin to schedule other things around it, like other exercise routines, meals, and everything else. Providing the means to start a healthy schedule for yourself, a pet dog can be just what you need to stick with it.


A pet does helps to improve your fitness levels by being an excellent source of motivation. Many people find it easier to do things for others than to do it for themselves. A dog becomes your excuse to go outside and be healthy, as you are ultimately helping them meet their needs. In addition, exercising the dog means that you will have to get some exercise yourself. If you are doing even small amount of exercise daily, then you will be amazed at the results.

Another consideration is how annoying dogs can be if they expect something. So, even if you may not want to go for a walk, your dog will keep annoying you until you finally relent, getting the exercise you need even if you aren’t up for it. No matter what way you look at it, dogs are a great source of motivation.

More Time Outdoors

Having a pet dog will mean spending more time outdoors and less time in the house. Every time you go out with your dog, you are burning calories and staying fit. Remember, you are not limited to just walking with your dog. You can run and even have your pet run beside you off leash as you ride your mountain bike uphill.

This daily exercise may not be much in terms of weight loss, but it is crucial for being healthy now and into the future. It helps to get up your heart rate every day, working out your internal organs as well as your muscles and stopping a range of diseases in their place. From Diabetes to blood clots, spending more time outdoors will keep you healthier and more able to engage in the activities that interest you when they come around.


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What Is A Dog’s Favourite Music Genre?

What Is A Dog’s Favourite Music GenreDo dogs like music? Can dogs have a favourite style of music? Let’s take a moment to answer this question by considering whether or not dogs can sense music in the first place, and then go into results from several experiments conducted to answer this question.


Can Dogs Sense Music?

The first question any reasonable person would ask is whether or not dogs can even tell that music is different then say speaking, or periods of quiet. As can be seen with wolves and packs of canines, dogs do have a sense of pitch. For example, if they begin to howl, and other dogs join in, the lead dog will change its pitch as not to harmonize with any other dog. Dogs have a natural tendency not to harmonize, stressing different tones over any kind of uniformity. With this fact in mind, it may be obvious then that dogs like dis-harmonic music. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


What Is A Dog’s Favourite music genre?

Experiments have been done to see what music dogs like and dislike. As telling joy, euphoria, or preference with dogs can be very hard, different music was played to see what reactions would be created. In addition, talking and a track of silence were included to act as a control group. As a final note, the same song was played in different styles of music to ensure that the style, and not the song itself, was the cause.

The findings were quite astonishing. As it turned out, a dog’s favourite music turned out to be classical music. When classical music was being played, the dogs calmed down, and even went to sleep. When people were talking or nothing was played at all, there was no noticeable behavior. When rock music and other forms of music were played, the dogs became agitated and began barking. Numerous subsequent experiments were run and the same results were seen again and again.


Why Do Dogs Prefer Classical Music?

More than just dogs prefer classical music. Many different higher order animals have shown a clear preference for classical over other forms of music. Whether it is because classical music has a calming affect or simply because it represents a harmonious style of music is not known. For now, if you are looking to calm your bulldog, better think to put on Mozart instead of Metallica. If you’re after the best listening experience, consider purchasing DJ speakers for your home. This will not only benefit your pet but you as well.

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Irish Setters Are Graceful And Powerful

Irish setters are a beauty with grace. The chestnut red colour is a delight to watch. This regal breed is known for its hunting skills. It is also a show dog and has delighted people with its skills since the 1700s. This new breed was developed by crossing Irish Terrier, English setter, pointer, Gorden setter, spaniel and Irish water spaniel. The hunting skills are derived from the Irish setters as they were used to hunt game birds. The colour also is derived from the Irish Setters. This breed turned popular in the 19th century. In the year 1948, the breed gained popularity and dominated conformation ring.

The Irish setter weight somewhere around 60 pounds and is roughly 27 inches tall. The red setters are smaller and weigh 50 pounds, and their coat is less feathering. The Irish setter is a great family pet and is an active type. With its hunting stints, it is physically well built. The breed needs regular exercise. The coat needs brushing and trimming. It has to be detangled when needed. These not only make good pets but can also be field and show dogs. They are affectionate pets. These breeds are used in hospital and schools as therapy dogs.

The red setters are the out-crossing of Irish Setter lines with the English Setters. This fresh blood has made the made these dogs more powerful and great hunters. The life span of Irish setter is 11 to 14 years. But there are instances that it can suffer from health disorders. There are various health complications that can reduce its life span. Some of the complications include gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, cancer, and epilepsy. While buying an Irish Setter ensure that it is screened for six major mutations including degenerative myelopathy, leukocyte adhesion deficiency, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, progressive retinal atrophy and coat colour testing.

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Irish Setter The Most Preferred Breed

Irish Setter is one attractive dog breed that comes with a dark red coat, silky hair and well-heeled. The characteristics of Irish Setter is full of enthusiasm, hunting and fun loving. Irish Setter is a combination of best breeds’ attributes. The best breeds like English Setter, Irish Terrier, water spaniel and Pointer have come together to make this wonderful breed. The red and white came together to make the deep red breed. The Setter has a two layered straight coat that lies close to the body complemented with long ears, legs, tail, chest, and belly. The breed is tall and is long at its tail. The neck is long, and the body is perfect in position.

The Setter is energetic and is athletic in nature. The breed needs regular exercise to keep them fit. Allow them to run around the park. These are friendly breed and are safe with kids, other animals, and strangers. This breed is not a loner and strives for attention. They love to be with humans. Irish Setters are intelligent breed and need to be tasked so that they are not ideal. The breed gets into trouble if left without any task trying to engage itself in other work. Irish Setter is an affable breed that well behaves. It is not aggressive or shy.

Grooming is a major task for Irish setter. These breeds need to be brushed especially during winter as their undercoat is thick. Even though the dog is at its best, it is not groomed regularly. Just a trimming will do. The dog needs good exercise, at least, half an hour a day. This breed has to be taken care of during winters as they cannot bear extreme conditions. Irish Setter is a hunting breed in Ireland and has great talent and extreme hunting skills. They have strong olfactory sense. They have become the most popular breeds since the 1970s.

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Are Irish Setters Ideal For Your Environment

Irish Setter is attractive dogs that are large and strong. This breed has a shiny, long fur that comes with a chestnut shade. It is a head turner. Irish setter is not just a good looking land but also friendly dogs that have a loving temperament. A hunting dog these are examples of energy and have a good sense of smell. They are suitable for hunting environment. This makes them perfect friends for life. Happy companions and friendly to children and other pets these are welcome members of the family. Their affection sees no boundaries as they come rushing to you when you reach home.

Irish Setters can be dangerous while off leash, therefore, ensure they are properly trained. Get them basic training commands at a young age so that they can heed to your commands. Be authoritative so that they can be controlled easily. Those are hunting dogs they cannot be a great guard dog. There are other roles that these breeds are experts. Irish Setters are used as therapy dogs and come with various settings like hospitals, schools and retirement homes. They easily relax when patted. Just maintain them with some grooming and they are sure to look prim and prom.

Though Irish setters have long locks, it is easier to groom them. The silky mane has to be regularly brushed. It is easy to maintain so no worries. But be cautious while letting them run outdoors. The biggest problem Irish setter’s face is burrs. It becomes tough to clean them. Before adopting an Irish Setter, it is important to find out if the breed will suit your terrain. They need plenty of space to work around. This breed is not suitable for apartments and needs lot of working space. Take them out for a walk to the park or beach and they will love it.

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Information On Irish Dog Breeds

One of the most faithful guardians of the home is dogs. There are many breeds of dogs available in the market and the necessary one shall be chosen according to the need of the owner. Since the character of each breed will vary, it is necessary to do detailing about the breed before buying one. Some of the popular Irish dog varieties are listed below in a detailed way. Irish Setter is the dog that has a classic look. The silky red hair is very attractive in this breed. The personality of this dog is praiseworthy and the owner’s state that this type of dog is very intelligent and affectionate in nature. They also make very good hunting companions. They also make very good gundog. In order to keep the hair attractive, it is necessary to spend a lot of time for maintenance.

Next is the Irish wolfhound. It is said to be one among the largest in the world. This type of dogs was considered to be very effective and ferocious dogs, especially at the times of war. But now they are known to have love to their human owners. These gentle dogs came to Ireland around 5000 years ago. There are proofs of this fact in the ancient paintings and literature. This type of dog cannot be confined in apartments as they required wide space for strolling.

Kerry blue terrier is the type of dog whose origin is not identified properly, but it is believed that this dog has deep Irish roots. Even though this dog looks very patient and safe, this was used for vicious purposes like killing the rabbits, vermin, rats and fox. Later, this dog was used for guarding the livestock. Irish white and red setter is the next breed that is highly famous in the area. This country dog is known for its beauty. In fact, the bicolour of this dog made it unique and most preferable when compared to the regular Irish Setter. In the 20th century, there was a drastic drop in the number of this breed, but luckily it was saved from extinction. This is an efficient hunter too.

Best Dogs For Families And Children

Not all the dogs will be a very good choice to make when it comes to growing them in the house. Especially, in the houses where the kids are there, it is necessary to be very cautious while selecting the breed of dog. Here are some effective tips about the best breed of dog that can be grown in the house. If the kid who loved roughhouse is in the house, then the bulldog will be the right option to make. This cute little dog will add joy to the house. It will be very active as well as attractive in nature. It is very loyal and friendly too. This type of dog will be apt for the families that live in apartments or big houses.

Next is the beagle. Earlier, this type of dog was one among the hunting dogs, but now it is a friendly dog that can be grown at home. This energetic dog will always be ready to play a game. This happy, smart and friendly dog will be loved by kids. This can be grown along with other pets due to its friendly nature. But a point to be noted here is this breed does shed a lot, so frequent brushing, and bathing are essential. The bull terrier is the breed of dog that is used in many families. Many people brand it as an unfriendly dog but as a matter of fact, this breed is well known for its friendliness and companion nature. This type of dog will act a very good company to both kids and grownups.

In fact, it is said to be one among the important reasons for its popularity in the market. This variety of dog has a very high threshold of pain so it will not be a problem to leave this dog with kids who are not aware how to handle the dog. It requires a lot of playtimes, so it is a good choice of pet for large families. It will be very protective to the children at home. Collie is another dog variety that is said to be very gentle and easily trainable. This dog bites humans very rarely.

List Of Most Loved Dogs

Even though there are numerous types of dogs in the world, not all the dogs are considered to be the favourite ones. Only a very few breeds of the dogs will manage to win the heart of their owners due to its behaviour and activities. Here is a small list of the most loved dogs in the recent times. The sour mug is the common name of the bulldog. This is the dog that is liked by many people due to its friendly and cute nature. This charming dog is very affectionate too. Next is the Irish wolfhound. This is said to be a variety of hunting dog that is grown as a pet in homes in the recent times. This is a sturdy and strong variety of dog that is also said to be one of the largest dogs in the world. This is said to be one among the lovable and noble dogs in the world.

American Eskimo dogs are a favourite to many people due to its appearance. Eskie is always ready to play. This dog will be suitable for the places that are said to be unusually cold as it has the ability to withstand the extreme climate in an efficient way. A very important point about this breed is its passiveness. It will not be possible to grow it with other pets as it wants all the owners love for itself.

Old English Sheepdog is also liked by numerous people. This dog is very silent and strong in nature. In fact, this dog shall be identified by its trademark barking sound that will be similar to the clinging of two pots. According to the love provided to it, the same will be returned from the other side. Irish Setter is a breed of dog with soft and silky hair that impresses many people. This athletic and energetic dog will make the owner keep it close always due to its warmth and soft skin. Dachshund that is also fondly known as short legs is a lovable dog. This miniature dog is very attractive and playful in nature. But this creature shies away when it meets any strangers.

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